Neuropathy treatment san diego

Diabetes is typically known to cause death through heart diseases. But there are more complications aside from just this. One of which involves neuropathy. However, there are natural treatments for neuropathy.

Neuropathy Feet

Complications Diabetes causes different complications in the small blood vessel. One of it is retinopathy which impairs the patient's vision. Another type of damage is called nephropathy which involves kidney failure. Neuropathy, as mentioned, is another complication from such an illness which means that the nerve is damaged along with pain and numbness in either hands or feet.

The large blood vessel can also be damaged. It causes hypertension and some heart problems. Diabetes may also cause mouth infections and even on the urinary tract. For men, diabetes may cause impotence and pregnancy problems for women. In fact, at least almost a tenth of men who have diagnosed with diabetes suffer from impotence due to their illness.

Among all these complications mentioned, neuropathy comprises approximately 50% of the diabetes cases. It occurs when there is too much imbalance in the levels of blood glucose. It has a negative effect on the internal organs-sexual organs and digestive tract, which usually causes indigestion among many others. More complications may arise from these illnesses. But it is not something that can not be cured.

Natural treatments Amputation among diabetic patients is common. But it's not the only method for treating it. There are natural ways for treatment. For a person, he/she must be responsible enough to look into the blood sugar intake. Of course diet and exercise will always be there. That's the healthiest and most natural things to do.

Fish oil, on the other hand, has been considered to be a cure for such disease. A study was even conducted with the animals to see what fish oil can do. It took them eight weeks to complete the study. It was found that with the intake of fish oil it improves the animal's nerve conduction velocity. The study recommended that the natural treatment using fish oil can actually be effective.

There are a lot of people wanting to seek for that treatment. Natural treatment for neuropathy can actually work. There may be a lot of complications from diabetes. It may make you think about finances for medication and all. But these treatments have been proven to work. The study may have been done with the animal but these natural treatments are practically applicable.

Neuropathy treatment san diego

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